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iSofter Audio Recorder Vista

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    It allows me to watch DVD movies in AVI format on my laptop so that I don't have to take originals - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

    Works fine. Able to rip almost all the DVDs. After a free trial, purchased this program and using it since a week. No problems observed. Have no spyware or any virus attached as my computer has all protections and would have detected if any such softwares.

    Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system


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    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista
    Recorder + Editor
    US$39.95 Only!

    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista, the powerful Recorder, Editor and Player, makes a complete recording studio of your computer.

    You can record voice from micro phone, internet streaming audio, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc.

    Download iSofter Audio Recorder Vista Now Free Download Buy iSofter Audio Recorder Vista Now Buy Now [$ 39.95 USD]

    What's new in Vista version:

    DSP (Digital signal processing: compressor, AGC , low, high, band pass, notch filters) supported when reocrding

    It has HD quality recording capability Support 24bit,32bit recording

    It is the first and 100% Windows Vista (32 or 64) compatible Recorder Software

    Special codecs Speex for save voice also supported

    What can the iSofter Audio Recorder Vista do for you:

    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista
    Click to enlarge

    Full function list:

    1. Powerful functions:

    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista can record any signal played through your
    sound card as Mp3, Wma, Ogg or Wav files.
    2. CD quality recording:
    With its powerful sound engine iSofter Audio Recorder Vista produce recordings with CD quality.
    3. Audio File Editing:
    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista can edit audio files as you desire by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming segments employing various DSP effects.
    4. Sound Data Active Recording Mode:
    Integrate the intelligent silent detector to skip silent passagest.
    5. Easy-to-use user-friendly interface:
    Most functions can be called up with a simple mouse click or menu selection. You can conveniently make skins for iSofter Audio Recorder Vista through our color scheme system.
    6. Flexible setting:
    Automatically detect the recording formats your sound card supports and then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance. The default parameters work in most cases, but you can change them easily to best suit your needs.
    7.Record volume control support:
    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista integrates the complete set of record volume control for your convenience.
    8.Direct-To-Disk long time sound recording support:
    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista can consecutively record for as long as your like without interrupt.

    What makes iSofter Audio Recorder Vista more powerful is its Editing feature. It can edit audio files as you desire by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming segments and employing various DSP effects.


    • Open, create and save audio files;
    • Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming;
    • Play an audio file or any part of it;
    • Record new audio file from a microphone or another input device;
    • Visually edit an audio file (Cut, Copy, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File);
    • Apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize,
    • Reverse, Multi Tap Delay, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo, Chorus);
    • Apply different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Ban Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter).
    • Insert noise or silence in an audio file;
    • Resample MP3 or Wav files.


    What's new in version 1.01:
    * Support Hotkeys work in any application
    - (Alt+F1 "Start" | Alt+F2 "Pause" | Alt+F3 "Stop")
    * Powerful Multi-session Recording Schedule Function
    * New Track Split Mode(yo can even set the silence length)
    - Now it's possible to record literally hundreds of songs in your favorite music genre from Internet Radio stations without attendance. Using the Scheduled Recording mode, you can specify starting and stopping times for recording, and let Track Split separate songs into files for you, you don't have to baby-sit the process as other audio recorders demand.(setting in "Options / Misc")
    * New Time Split Mode allows you to specify the length of time you wish to record and have recording stop or new a recording work automatically after the timed countdown ends.

    It's A Totally Cool Way To Get All Of Your Favorite Online Streaming Music To MP3 format!

    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista is able to automatically detect the recording formats your sound card supports and then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance.


      Order This Product Safely & Securely
    iSofter Audio Recorder Vista is available for immediate download. No waiting & No delivery charge. You're buying from RegNow Software. Enjoy a safe, reliable & hacker-free purchase.
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